What are the 3 Sage ERP Software we recommend for medium-sized companies?

What is ERP Software?

ERP Software is an enterprise resource planning system to have full control of all your processes, with the growing need for digital transformation of companies has made ERP a fundamental resource in medium-sized companies, as it manages at any time your finances, manufacturing services, distribution, supply chain, business intelligence and more. Whatever your business needs, our solutions will help you reduce complexities and drive business growth.

But what are the three Sage ERP software solutions that we recommend for managing medium-sized businesses, for their efficiency, ability to grow, security and broad business vision?

Sage 200, the complete modular business management solution that adapts to real needs.

Sage 200 is the most complete and powerful ERP on the market. Its modular system is capable of controlling and integrating all areas of your business such as financial management, projects or customer communications, ensuring the technological evolution of companies, promoting greater productivity and efficiency in all work processes.
  • Project management to control your planning, all integrated with your financial and commercial management. Possibility of after-sales and warehouse management if needed.
  • With business intelligence, to offer a set of key business indicators and facilitate decision making.
  • A solution for each area of your business. All connected to work in an aligned way and improve your productivity: integration with Microsoft 365, connection with your banks, online store, and much more.
  • Thanks to its wide ecosystem of applications, you will have solutions adapted to the needs of your sector.
  • Easy start-up and ease of use thanks to Alisio, the proactive assistant, which guides users step by step. You will benefit from 100% of its potential from day one.
  • Available 100% online with access from anywhere and from any device. Customizable according to the needs of your SME, always up to date.
Sage X3, a new way to manage the entire company, more efficiently and with lower costs.

Sage X3 is the next-generation business management solution designed to improve organizational agility and help your business grow faster by increasing sales, automating processes, and reducing operating expenses - three key drivers of business. With simpler, faster and more flexible financial, production and supply chain management, you can improve business efficiency and become more competitive.
  • Easily coordinate all areas of the business - finance, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, inventory, customer service, human capital and any type of project.
  • Online access to your data from any mobile device.
  • A single solution to manage the essential processes of a company, such as inventory, sales, customer service and finance, among others.
  • Collaborate with different divisions, countries, offices, languages and legislations.
  • Manages financial operations with general accounting, cost accounting and budgeting
  • Control purchases, cash flows and business acquisitions
  • Gain a holistic view of your customers across sales, marketing, customer care and support
  • The perfect solution for manufacturing, wholesale and service processes
Sage XRT Advanced is the treasury solution that covers all your workflows, giving you a much more optimized financial vision.

Sage XRT is a modular, integrated, global treasury solution tailored to the short- and long-term financial needs of your business, giving you real-time visibility into your company's liquidity. In addition, Sage XRT is a Financial Management Software based on Business Intelligence Systems, capable of analyzing reports, graphs and dashboards that integrates into all your information systems, improving the efficiency of work processes.
  • Save time and take control of your treasury, Sage XRT Advanced is the treasury solution that covers all your workflows, allowing you a much more optimized financial vision.
  • Absolute security in the issuance of receipts and payments, centrally manage the approval and sending to your banks of payments and receipts of your company.
  • Smart, very smart, through treasury indicators, KPIs and customizable dashboards you will have the necessary information, in real time, to make treasury decisions.
  • Wherever you are, wherever you connect, with access to all functionality anytime, anywhere and from any device.
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