What do I need to open an online bank account?

All you need is to be of legal age, have a valid identity card and a cell phone with an Internet connection.

Until not many years ago, to open a bank account it was necessary to go in person to a bank branch, wait for your turn and go through a series of procedures with paper documents and times that could take weeks. Now, institutions such as Banco Sabadell have made opening a bank account online a quick and easy process that can be done from your cell phone. In addition, unlike other digital bank accounts, the Sabadell Online Account allows you to enjoy the advantages of digital banking and the best of an expert bank, since you can always count on the advice of a manager whenever you need it, by making an appointment through the app itself or from the bank's website.

What is needed to open an online bank account?

To open a Sabadell Online Account you only need to:
  • Be of legal age.
  • Have a valid national identity card (DNI) or, if applicable, a Foreigner's Identity Card (TIE).
  • Have a cell phone with Internet connection.
As a general rule, banks demand a series of requirements from their customers to open a bank account, such as direct deposit of salary or bills. However, to create a Sabadell Online Account there are no such conditions and there are no administration or maintenance fees1.

How to open an online bank account?

To open the Sabadell Online Account in 10 minutes, all you need to do is..:
  • Register as a user. The account holder must create a user to access and carry out this procedure securely.
  • Register personal data. It is necessary to enter the account holder's personal data: ID card or foreigner's identity number (NIE), name and surname and postal address.
  • Carry out the video identification. This is a security measure that allows validation of the account holder's identity.
  • Indicate the account holder's profession.
  • Verify the postal address for sending the card. It is necessary to confirm the address to which the card will be sent. When opening a Sabadell Online Account, the user has a free debit card with no issue or maintenance commission.
  • Sign online. The contract is signed digitally, in which all the conditions of the contract and the agreement on the processing of data are set out.
What are the advantages of opening an online bank account?
  • 100% digital process. The client will be able to create and start using his bank account without leaving home and with all the security guarantees.
  • No commissions or conditions. The Sabadell Online Account does not charge its customers any administration or maintenance fees. In addition, and unlike other banks, it does not require direct deposit of your salary or bills.
  • The bank in the palm of your hand. Through the bank's app you can carry out any type of banking operation, from making transfers or Bizum to direct debiting your paycheck and bills, paying with your cell phone in physical stores or online and withdrawing money from an ATM without having to use your card.
  • Personalized experience. With the bank's app, users can configure the different cards, receive product recommendations and activate notifications to keep up to date with all the movements according to their preferences.
  • Activate savings mode. The app also allows you to create savings routines with the free Savings Account2 associated with the Sabadell Online Account. From the cell phone it is possible to establish automatic periodic savings practices, such as the app allocating a certain amount of money directly to savings on rainy days in a previously established city.
In any case, the customer can always count on the advice of a manager from the bank who will guide them through this process and resolve any doubts that may arise.