Types of credit cards: which one suits me best?

Find out which credit card best meets your needs and how to get the most out of it.

A credit card allows the cardholder to have access to an amount of money, even if it is not currently in his or her bank account. With it, the customer can carry out different transactions such as withdrawing cash from an ATM or making payments. Banco Sabadell has different types of credit cards, but how do they differ and how do I choose the credit card that suits me best? If you want a credit card with no issue or maintenance commission, when you open a Sabadell Online Account you can sign up for one or more (if the total turnover of these cards is at least 2,000 euros per year). With this account the holder also has a debit card with no issue or maintenance commission.

Types of credit cards

Banco Sabadell Classic credit card. When contracting this card, the cardholder can defer payment of his purchases until the end of the month or with the flexibility agreed upon. In addition, it is possible to withdraw money by debit whenever needed or to transfer part of the balance of the card to the current account. It also has two insurance policies at no additional cost (travel accidents on public transport and everyday accidents). With this card, the cardholder has the peace of mind of having anti-fraud coverage and the greatest protection in payments.
Banco Sabadell Gold credit card. In addition to flexibility in the payment of purchases, it offers another series of advantages, such as exclusive insurance at no additional cost (travel assistance, travel accidents on public transport and everyday accidents). It also offers the greatest protection in payments, as well as anti-fraud coverage.
Banco Sabadell Platinum credit card. In addition to all the above services, this card has a series of special conditions and advantages, as well as greater coverage. This card includes the Global Customer Assistance service and international medical assistance for trips abroad. It also offers exclusive promotions for its cardholders.

How to apply for a credit card?

Thanks to the advantages of digital banking, applying for a credit card through the bank's app is a simple process. To do so, access the 'Cards' section and choose between Classic, Platinum or Gold depending on which one best suits the customer's needs.

To carry out this procedure, the bank asks the customer for personal and employment information and information related to the card, such as the desired credit limit or the repayment period. With this information, the bank carries out a solvency study to verify that the user can repay the credit within the established term. Once the application for the card has been approved, the customer will receive it at the address indicated within a maximum of seven working days.

Upon receipt, it is important to note that the credit card must be activated. This procedure can also be done easily from the bank's app in the 'Cards' section or by calling 963 085 000.

How many credit cards can I have?

It is possible for a person to have more than one credit card and even of different types, for example, a Classic and a Platinum. In the case of the Sabadell Online Account, you can have one or more cards without issuing and maintenance fees. But should I have more than one credit card? The answer depends on your financial solvency, your financial objectives and how you use the card. For example, if you spend more than 30% of your monthly income on credit payments, it is not advisable to take out another card. 

In any case, whenever necessary, the cardholder can make an appointment with their manager through the app itself or through the bank's website to resolve any doubts and receive the information that will allow them to make the decisions that best suit their interests.