Online bank account: what is it and how does it work?

It is possible to have all the benefits of digital banking without having to go to a branch and with a manager when you need it. We explain how.

An online bank account provides convenience and speed from the very first moment, when the account holder opens the account through the Internet. This is the case of the Sabadell Online Account, with which managing your finances through the bank's app becomes a simple operation with all the security guarantees of a traditional account. Discover how this type of bank account works and learn how to make the most of it.

Unlike other online accounts, the Sabadell Online Account allows you to enjoy the benefits of digital banking and the best of an expert bank, since you can always count on the advice of a manager whenever you need it, making an appointment through the app itself or from the bank's website. To create your new Sabadell Online Account, all you need is a cell phone with an Internet connection and a valid identity document.

How does an online bank account work?

There are many online accounts on the market, however, the Sabadell Online Account manages to adapt to the needs of each customer by combining the good things about digital and the human and specialized attention of the managers. What are the keys to this online bank account?


To sign up for the Sabadell Online Account, the bank does not require any conditions such as direct debit of bills or salary. This account also has no administration or maintenance fees1.


Users can configure the bank's app according to their preferences. That is, you can manage credit or debit cards, receive product recommendations and activate notifications to keep up to date with all your movements.


With the Sabadell Online Account, the account holder can carry out operations through the bank's app:

Make bizum and transfers. From the bank's mobile app it is possible to send money by Bizum (for which you only need to know the recipient's telephone number) or make transfers.

Direct debit bills. With this online bank account you can also set up direct debits for electricity, water or community fees in a simple and quick way through the bank's app.

Have all your cards available on your mobile. When you open a Sabadell Online Account, the bank provides the holder with a debit card free of charge, with no issue or maintenance fees. You can also sign up for one or more credit cards with no issue or maintenance fees, as long as the total turnover of the credit cards linked to this account is at least 2,000 euros per year. And, if you have these cards in your cell phone, you can pay for purchases, as well as control your movements.

Withdraw cash. You can withdraw money with your debit card from your online bank account. It is possible to withdraw cash for free at Banco Sabadell ATMs in Spain using your debit card, whatever the amount you withdraw. It is also free if you withdraw an amount equal to or greater than 60 euros at ATMs of the main entities adhered to the EURO 6000 network: Abanca, Ibercaja, KutxaBank, Unicaja Banco, CajaSur, Caixa Ontinyent and Colonya Caixa Pollença. It can also be done with the cell phone from the app itself for free.

Saving in a simple way. It is also possible to create savings routines with the free Ahorro2 account associated with the Sabadell Online Account. From your cell phone, you can automatically establish periodic savings practices, such as the app allocating a certain amount of money directly to savings on rainy days in a previously established city.

Contract other financial products. It allows you to contract other financial products, such as other bank accounts or insurance, in a simple way. All you have to do is follow the steps indicated in the application and the verification steps to confirm the operation.

Operate safely. Carry out all these operations easily and securely from the app and always with the peace of mind of knowing that you can count on the support of a bank professional who will help you with whatever you need, by making an appointment with your manager from the app or on the website.