How to withdraw cash from an ATM without

Withdrawing money from an ATM without a card is a simple, convenient and secure process that offers a multitude of advantages to the cardholder.

Traditionally, the bank card has been the most commonly used instrument to pay for purchases in physical stores or to withdraw money from ATMs. However, through systems such as Instant Money, it is no longer necessary, for example, to have the card with us to withdraw money, offering, in addition, other possibilities such as being able to send it to whomever we want, without this person necessarily having to be a customer of the bank or needing to carry a bank card with them, since they only need to know the corresponding code to complete the operation.

How to withdraw money without a card

Withdrawing money at an ATM without using your bank card is something very simple that simply requires you to access digital banking through the bank's app or its website. If you don't already have an online bank account, creating one is a simple process that won't take more than 10 minutes. In the case of Banco Sabadell, it is possible to withdraw money without a card through its Instant Money service directly from the bank's app. How can you do it? 1. Operate. In the 'Operate' section from the Sabadell Online Account, select the option 'Send money' and 'Withdraw money with Instant Money'. For the rest of the accounts, access the 'Global position' and 'Withdraw money'.

2. Select the card. In case you have several bank cards, you have to choose between the different debit or credit cards linked to your cell phone.

3. Select the amount.

4. Assign who collects the money. You can pick it up yourself or enter the phone number of the person who will pick up the money or select the contact from the cell phone's address book. You can also enter a concept.

5. Enter the code. A code will be sent by SMS to the phone number you entered, which must be entered at the ATM.

6. Sign the transaction. To finalize the transaction, you need to enter the digital signature.

When do I need to withdraw money without a card?

Being able to withdraw money without a card can be very useful in a wide range of situations, such as: 

● If you have left your bank card at home.

● If you need to send money to anyone and they can withdraw it at an ATM in the bank's network.

● If your card has been lost or stolen and you need to withdraw money.

● If the card has deteriorated and is not working properly and the new one has not yet arrived at your home.

● If you are in the process of cancelling a card and you have not yet received the new one. 

In short, withdrawing money without a card is a convenient, simple and safe process thanks to the opportunities offered by the digitalization of banking services.