How to open a bank account online in 10 minutes

Opening a bank account online in a simple, fast and free way is possible. What's more, you can do it from your home via your cell phone.

Opening an online bank account is a simple and free process that can be done in just 10 minutes. All you need is your cell phone and a valid identity document.

Steps to create an online bank account

Each bank has a specific methodology, and not all of them allow you to do it quickly and without having to go to the branch. In the case of Banco Sabadell it is possible to open an online account from your mobile for free through this link. These are the simple steps to create a Sabadell Online Account:
  • Create a user. The account holder must create a user to be able to access and perform this process securely.
  • Register personal data. It is necessary to enter the account holder's personal data, such as national identity card (DNI) or foreigner's identity number (NIE), first and last name and postal address.
  • Verify identity through a video identification system. This is a security measure by means of the identification document (DNI or NIE) that has been used.
  • Indicate the profession.
  • Confirm the postal address for sending the card.
  • Sign online. In the last step, digitally sign the contract in which all the conditions of the contract and the agreement on the processing of data are set out.
What are the advantages of an online bank account?

In addition to the speed and simplicity of opening an online bank account, digital banking offers other advantages:
  • No fees. This type of account has no administration or maintenance fees1.
  • No conditions. To open the Sabadell Online Account, the bank does not require any additional conditions such as direct deposit of your salary or bills.

  • Debit card. When opening a Sabadell Online Account, the bank provides the holder with a free debit card with no issue or maintenance fees.
  • Operate securely. The banks offer the highest security in all online banking transactions.
  • Cash withdrawals. It is possible to withdraw cash for free at Banco Sabadell ATMs in Spain using your debit card, regardless of the amount you withdraw. It is also free if you withdraw an amount equal to or greater than 60 euros at ATMs of the main entities adhered to the EURO 6000 network: Abanca, Ibercaja, KutxaBank, Unicaja Banco, CajaSur, Caixa Ontinyent and Colonya Caixa Pollença. You can also do it with your cell phone.
  • Everything with the mobile. Through the bank's app it is possible to carry out any operation, from paying in a physical or online establishment, to withdrawing money with the cell phone. You can also manage your cards, pay bills by direct debit or send money by bank transfer or Bizum. All in a simple way.
  • Personalize the experience. With the bank's app, it is possible to configure the cards, receive product recommendations and activate notifications to keep up to date with all the movements according to the preferences of each user.
  • Activate savings mode. It also allows you to create savings routines with the free Savings Account 2 associated with the Sabadell Online Account. From the cell phone it is possible to establish automatic periodic savings practices, such as the app allocating a certain amount of money directly to savings on rainy days in a previously established city.
The best of an 'online' account and the best of having an account manager

In addition to all these advantages that facilitate the way of operating with a digital account, the Sabadell Online Account offers the possibility of having the help of a manager whenever you need it, from the website itself or through the banking app. It is also possible to go to one of the more than one thousand branches that the bank has throughout the country. In short, it combines the best of a digital account with all the benefits of an expert bank.