6 Best Sales and Inventory Software in 2023

No company or business could function without constant sales, since this is the source of income. However, internal organization also plays a determining role, especially when it comes to inventory.

It is essential to keep a record of all the products or services available, their prices and even track them in real time when we sell them. All this is very easy to do with sales and inventory software.

The 6 Best Inventory and Sales Softwares

In fact, businesses and stores usually hire software specialized in sales management, stock organization and administrative tools that even allow you to receive economic summaries on daily, weekly or monthly movements.

Many of them are paid and require a subscription to access their full range of functions, but there are also free inventory and sales programs that you can not stop using.

1. EGA Futura

EGA Futura is one of the best business management platforms that you can find, because it is all in one. Here you can organize your inventory and set prices, promotions, available units and discount packages.

In addition, it works as a point of sale so that every time you add a transaction, it is automatically deducted from the stock, avoiding having to do this task manually every so often. You can even create customized barcodes.

As if that were not enough, EGA Futura provides you with an agenda to add all your customers, along with another directory for suppliers. In the latter case, you add contact information, orders and prices of each purchase to discount them from your entire financial ledger.

Its interface design is a plus to highlight that is very intuitive and understandable for all users, especially for those sellers and cashiers who are starting. It works in the cloud for synchronization and access.

2. Nextar

Another great sales software - which also provides inventory support - is called Nextar, with many features worth buying. The application is not free, but offers several subscription plans tailored to the needs of the company.

Here you can keep track of your stock, which stands out for being highly personalized, as it allows you to upload an identifying image or photograph, the units available, their prices and even their bar code.

Meanwhile, Nextar serves as a point-of-sale terminal that connects to multiple banking devices to process transactions. The advantage is that these are identified according to each customer, as it allows you to create personalized accounts for them in the system, a feature that is very useful if you want to know how often users come to your business.

It supports lists of suppliers, you can create quotes and receive reports and summaries every day.

3. eFactory Inventory

And if your business has multiple branches, stores, stores and warehouses, the best thing to do is to invest in a program like eFactory Inventarios if you want to have detailed control of all your stock.

Here you can create your availability list and then attach it to other categories, such as the warehouse in which it is located, the minimum and maximum quantity allowed by your company (to avoid shortages), as well as the prices and their level of exclusivity.

eFactory Inventories even supports an integration of its registration modules with its smartphone application, from where you can work comfortably doing tasks such as inventory survey, barcode analysis and current availability.

You can use it as a point of sale and as a cash register and periodically create financial summaries to know all the movements of your account, either in growth or in the opposite direction.

4. Alvendi

There are those who prefer the simplest and most minimalist tools, especially when it comes to inventory management. Alvendi is a super intuitive proposal that meets these requirements, as it has been on the market for a long time.

It specializes specifically in the control of available products and services, and every time you process a sale or any unit is no longer available, you will have to register it manually through the built-in point of sale.

The main thing is that you focus on the registration of the stock, which will first ask you for a name and the quantity available, and then add data such as dimensions and weight, the purchase and sale price (to manage profits), as well as the recommended minimum.

As you sell, they will be automatically discounted and when you reach the minimum, it will indicate you through alerts that you must replace the missing elements, being one of the best sales and inventory programs for Windows.

5. ContaSol

In addition to the control functions for your company's inventory and points of sale, ContaSol is developed to create invoices and give detailed support to your customers on all transactions.

Before you can use them, it is important that you add the table with the available products, along with their respective prices, the remaining units and other information that you consider useful. These are discounted once you make a sale from the interface.

Also, ContaSol is a very popular software because it is completely free, with all its functions unlocked. It works locally as an installable tool and you can also log in from its web version, which will serve to connect you in case of emergency.

Another advantage to consider is the management between multiple users, being able to grant them limited access to certain tabs of the program so that they can work on the ones that relate to their position.

6. Sico

You will be glad to try Sico because it is quite complete, especially because it adapts to the different business topics. That is to say, the application allows you to choose tools depending on the location, whether it is a hotel chain, restaurants, mechanic shops or online stores.

You can keep a detailed control over the inventory, and you can even divide it according to its location or the amount available, although there are several categories for faster searches.

In the same way, Sico will allow you to make any sale from its interface, being able to discount the units as soon as you finish the procedure and generating multiple invoice formats, with information about your business.

It is not a free program for inventories and sales, of course, because you will have to pay for a subscription plan that varies according to your needs, but it is one of those that offers the most organizational functions, so it is worth the investment.


Keep track of your business, structure your stock and pricing, get financial analysis and more with Sales and Inventory Software. Without this type of platform, you probably won't be able to grow your business as it should.

In fact, managing your stock plays a decisive role in knowing where your investment is going, as you will avoid any embezzlement, unexplained losses and running out of available units when you least expect it.

Almost all of these platforms work in an interconnected way with the points of sale of different banks, since the only thing they ask you will be an invoice code with the information you provide manually to the system.

Some of them allow you to access from their online versions, which are convenient when we do not want to install anything on our computers, although for offline and offline records, you will require local applications.