6 Best Invoice Programs in 2023

Invoices are essential documents for any business, as they are printed with information about the company, a summary of the services or products purchased, as well as their costs and tax charges.

In fact, many countries such as those in the European Union require businesses to provide invoices to their customers, so you will need some specialized tools, such as invoice software for computers.

These usually come with a number of features to add your data in a pre-loaded form, customize the header with business information, as well as create a list of services to quickly select them and save time.

Some are paid and require periodic fees, but there are also other free invoicing programs that you can use that are no loss. So, without further ado, we'll explain what they're all about below.

1. Invoice Script

If you want an all-in-one invoicing software, which also has some management tools for your business, Invoice Script will be a great ally. This one stands out for allowing you to use it in an installable way or simply by accessing the web version of the same platform.

Besides, since it lets you grant specific access permissions to your employees, you can make them access only certain functions of the program, as well as restrict them from touching others.

But the best thing about Invoice Script is that you can make them to print or rather generate digital invoices to send by email or other means, and the latter are created from a PDF document.

If you have a small business or you are part of the SMEs, you can take advantage of it to keep an agenda with all your customers and suppliers. It is also very useful if you want to see your daily sales, your profits during certain periods of time and much more.

2. Netsuite

Netsuite is one of the online invoicing programs, so it does not have an installable version, as it works entirely in the cloud. Actually, the invoicing function is just one piece among all its features, as it offers accounting and business management solutions.

You can open it simultaneously on several devices and computers and it is closely linked to your company's finances, so it serves to know the movements of sales and purchases.

In fact, NetSuite allows you to record all your daily sales and from there generate invoices to print or deliver to your customers digitally. With the expenses function, you will be able to evaluate the impact of what you have needed to buy to invest in your business.

Using all this information, the platform has the task of creating a series of summaries and intuitive graphs that show you the movements made, if you have increased profits or the opposite.

3. Factusol

Factusol goes the middle route when it comes to having several useful tools for managing your business. One of them is inventory control, which serves to add all available products and services, their units and costs.

It will also ask you to create an agenda with your customers and you can fill it as the user is providing you with the purchase data. This information is required, because from there you will be able to make the invoice to deliver it.

In such cases, Factusol provides two options to choose from. The first one consists of the traditional and printed invoice, which will sum up the purchase, along with the respective taxes, if any.

However, you can also choose the customer of your choice and add their email address, so that the software sends the invoice through that medium. However, the interface is not the most pleasant and although it does not have many functions, it could be complicated to handle for some employees.

4. Holded

Holded is arguably the best invoicing program you can download, and that's saying a lot. With its free version, you already have access to almost all the tools to control your business, including some of the features of other software.

In the area of invoices, you have more than 100 different templates to choose from, which vary according to the format, corporate color and even the incorporation of your company logo and essential contact information.

Similarly, Holded provides us with a fully automated bank reconciliation system, which means it can take information from payments or purchases and incorporate them into the data.

You will also have the option to set up automatic invoices, which are created for recurring payments or collections every so often, among other settings. Take advantage of it to view your stock or inventory, receive financial summaries and analyze the growth of your store.

5. Invoicely

Of course, if you prefer a platform that goes straight to the point and focuses only on the billing system, that solution will be the one provided by Invoicely. This will allow you to invoice all your clients in a matter of seconds, allowing you to upload some basic data, such as services or prices.

In addition, it has a folder of templates that vary according to the format of the invoice, the type of product or service you are selling, as well as your type of business.

Invoicely even allows you to create delivery notes easily from the same platform, selecting the same pre-loaded data and choosing their respective templates from the list.

However, it lacks other indispensable tools such as stock management, to keep track of your business sales, as well as it does not offer many payment methods, which can be a drawback if you manage multiple points of sale.

6. Mgest

And because we know that online invoicing applications are important too, we close the list with Mgest. Its main attraction is the interface, which is usually very fluid and friendly to understand, which ensures its use for all types of users.

In addition, because it is always in the cloud, you can synchronize the changes made on various devices and these will be available at the same time you make a sale or generate a quick invoice.

Also, Mgest is one of the most usable invoice programs, since its web version is developed to adapt perfectly to the screens of different platforms, which means you can use it on desktops and Android and iOS smartphones.

Additionally you have several accounting tools, you can ideally control inventory, as well as make invoices in a few seconds using the preloaded data.


Manage your business, record your inventory, create lists of products and services with prices, to use the most popular invoice programs on the market. Without them, you will not be able to have a legal support of all the economic transactions you make in your business.

They are almost always incorporated with a synchronized database on the web, which will ensure that any sale or purchase transaction you make, has its respective copy within the system.

Some provide us with advanced accounting tools, which apart from offering you the function of making invoices, also perform financial summaries and keep track of all your stock.

If that's not enough for you, take advantage of it to make delivery notes, create various invoice formats, add logos and data of your company, as well as grant certain access permissions to your employees so they can use the software correctly, something you will be grateful for in the long run.