5 best Cloud Storage Solutions for the Enterprise World in 2023

Cloud storage is a recommended service for any organization. Thus, through its solutions it is possible to store large amounts of data that are transferred to an external storage system that protects and takes care of a third party. Within this field, companies have at their disposal different possibilities to choose from, since not all of them have the same requirements, needs or budgets.

One example is the following selection for the business world, which is made up of 13 proposals. In alphabetical order, this radiography opens with the Acens Cloud Object Storage mass storage solution, a service based on the Netapp StorageGRID generation 10 solution. It is followed by the Alhambra Cloud collaborative storage service, which is multiplatform and multi-device, and the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS), available in four versions.

We also have the participation of Amazon Simple Storage Service and Arsys CloudStorage: the former is an object storage service that stores and retrieves any volume of data from any location, while the latter offers 24 x 7 support in Spanish and complete data protection. Google Cloud Storage is also object-oriented.

Already in the middle of the comparison, you will find Ionos HiDrive that bets on secure collaboration between computers and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage that -like other proposals- focuses on object storage. Meanwhile, the case of NetApp Cloud Manager is different, among other reasons because it serves to visualize and manage cloud storage and installations. Oracle Cloud Manager includes options for on-demand, local, object, file, block, etc. storage.

We also show the OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud services, which 'takes a company's datacenter to the cloud'; the Sarenet cloud storage service, based on server virtualization; and Teléfonica's object-based storage service, accessible via API.

Acens Cloud Storage: Object Storage

This is a solution for the massive storage of objects in the cloud as a service based on the Netapp StorageGRID generation 10 solution. Under the name of Cloud Storage, Acens brings together its set of data storage solutions located in its own computing cloud. Thus, within it, organizations have at their disposal different options to choose from according to their needs: NAS Storage, SAN Storage, Dedicated Storage and Object Storage, which is the solution we are going to focus on. It is recommended for S3 compatible software and hardware solutions; it is accessible via S3 REST API via the Internet (HTTPS) or TE MPLS; and it provides object storage (such as files, multimedia, backups...) hosted in the Acens cloud.

Going into its features and options available to companies, Object Storage stands out for providing a massive storage of objects in the cloud available in three modes: space reservation, pay-per-use and resource reservation. In addition, this service adapts to the requirements of companies with very different profiles, and focuses on three key criteria for any of them: information integrity, security and durability. Since it is an object-based service, the Acens storage solution allows the creation of control fields with information associated with each file (description, access permissions, creation date, etc.), i.e. metadata.

Designed to be accessed over the network, either via the Internet or as a virtual private network, each object can be up to 4 Terabytes in size. It also supports the creation of buckets for data storage (a bucket is a container where several objects are stored and would be equivalent to folders in a file system).

Acens Objetc Storage also provides high availability and a control panel, as well as a customer service hotline. Meanwhile, access security is guaranteed by HTTPS encryption of communications to the user portal (among other measures). The information is protected thanks to erasure coding algorithms; they ensure data availability in the event of the failure of up to two nodes of the platform and also by means of storage systems based on redundant disk cabinets for data availability. For the development of this cloud storage solution, Acens has relied on the Netapp StorageGRID generation 10 object storage solution.

Alhambra Cloud

This dedicated multi-platform and multi-device virtual environment allows isolation of stored information, as well as customization of its functionalities, sharing and visual appearance.

Alhambra IT's collaborative cloud storage service offers the possibility of having a dedicated collaborative user file environment that is secure and accessible from any device, whether desktop or mobile. This allows companies to maintain visibility, control and security of their files with the added value of performing management tasks from a single web control panel. It also provides a dedicated collaborative environment on Alhambra Cloud virtual resources, equally accessible from any desktop or mobile device; store, download, edit and share files with users of the organization and external agents through the Internet in a secure and encrypted way; and have metadata for each file and version control. It also provides client software for Windows, MacOS, Linux and apps for Android and IOS, and it is possible to map by WebDav (the Internet transfer protocol with which documents can be exchanged) the work folders on a desktop computer.

Based on these key points, the benefits of Alhambra Cloud include being able to enjoy a dedicated multi-platform and multi-device virtual environment for total isolation of the stored information, as well as advanced customization of its functionalities, sharing and visual appearance. Similarly, Alhambra Cloud supports delegated management of users with different roles distributed by groups and with quota allocation, and visibility of the actions performed by each worker from the control panel.

In addition, the solution provides companies with advanced file management through metadata that allows for more effective classification, identification and localization, as well as version control. In addition, it is possible to recover deleted files and there is a marketplace with a large number of extensions that add new functionalities, capabilities and integrations with third-party applications. As a collaborative environment, employees can share files securely with other employees within their company and/or externally.

Thanks to its partnerships with leading vendors in the market (Veritas, VMware and Fortinet, among others), Alhambra Cloud provides great flexibility, scalability, customization and security in each of its services. At the beginning of 2019, it achieved the CO2 Neutral rating due to the fact that both its main and backup data centers, as well as its central offices, from where SOC/NOC/24×7 services are provided, operate uninterruptedly with 100% green energy.

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS)

It is available in four versions and provides multiple backups to effectively mitigate the impact of multiple hardware failures. Alibaba's OSS cloud object storage solution is an encrypted, secure and easy-to-use service that enables enterprises to store, backup and archive large amounts of data on cloud computing, with a guaranteed durability of 99.999999999999%. Meanwhile, the presence of the so-called 'RESTful API', in reference to the application programming interface, facilitates storage and access to OSS from any point with Internet access. In addition, it is possible to elastically scale processing capacity and choose from a variety of storage types to optimize business cost.

In this regard, the Alibaba Cloud proposition allows a choice of four possible options. The first, called 'Standard,' is applicable to scenarios whose services are characterized by high performance and frequent access such as mobile applications or large websites. The second is called 'Infrequent Access' and supports the following scenarios: mobile devices, application backup, enterprise data, monitoring data and online storage applications. The minimum storage period is 30 days.

'Archive' is the third mode: it is characterized as a durable and secure storage type whose characteristics are applicable to service scenarios that are subject to data retrieval timeout, and have requirements on the data storage period. With a minimum storage period of 60 days, its application scenarios are as follows: long-term archival storage, medical images and video materials. The fourth option is 'Cold Archive' and is also emerging as a type of secure and durable storage intended for long-term data retention; hence the minimum storage period is 180 days. Its application scenarios? In addition to long-term archival data storage, storage of multimedia files.

OSS provides data migration tools for uploading and downloading, and its capacity makes it possible to store an unlimited number of files. With different access control and authorization measures, it provides multiple backups to effectively mitigate the impact of hardware failures, and supports disaster recovery and cross-region replication solutions. It also provides resource access management and security token services for temporary access authorizations and fine-grained access control based on repositories, directories and objects.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon Web Service's approach is an object storage service for storing and retrieving any volume of data from any location. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers scalability, data availability, security and performance. In this regard, customers of all profiles and industries can store and protect any volume of data for different purposes such as use in data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backup and restore processes, archiving operations, enterprise applications, IoT devices or big data analytics.

It also provides easy-to-use management features that help you organize your data and also configure sophisticated access controls to meet business, organizational and compliance requirements. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999999999% durability and stores data from millions of applications for organizations around the world.

In terms of performance, scalability, availability, and durability benefits - the first of five we'll discuss - Amazon S3 allows you to scale storage resources up or down to meet fluctuating demand, with no upfront investments or resource acquisition cycles. In addition, data is available when needed and protected against errors and threats.

Another benefit is the wide variety of cost-effective storage classes: costs can be lowered without sacrificing performance by storing data in its various storage classes, which support multiple tiers of storage access with corresponding fees. The solution provides compliance, auditing and security capabilities including unauthorized access with encryption features and access management tools.

Similarly, Amazon S3 provides robust capabilities for managing access, cost, replication and data protection, and can perform big data analytics on Amazon S3 objects using the on-premises query services provided by AWS; that is, S3 integrates with other AWS data query and analytics services so there is no need to copy or move data to other sites.

At the support level, it enables data storage and protection through one of the AWS Network Partners (APN). Specifically, APN accredits migration partners that transfer data to Amazon S3 and storage partners that provide integrated solutions on S3 for primary storage, backup and restore, data archiving, and disaster recovery.

Arsys CloudStorage

arsyslogo private cloud recommended product jpegFeatures include complete data protection, 24 x 7 support in English, granular billing depending on the type of storage and the volume contracted. The cloud storage solution from European provider CloudStorage allows you to store, archive and back up large volumes of information, guaranteeing your customers the protection of critical, confidential or sensitive data with the most comprehensive security measures.

In terms of available modes, Arsys provides organizations with all the storage technologies on the market to meet the needs of each of them depending on the requirements they need for their business: from NAS integrated into their public cloud solutions through object storage and block storage. All of them in shared or dedicated mode, in addition to the wide range of configurations offered within dedicated servers.

Depending on the performance and also the volume of storage that each company must cover, the solution can vary if the characteristics of each project are taken into account. This includes: maximum performance with contained growth and price (nvme SSD, nvme Optane and local SSD drives); maximum performance with flexible growth (local VNMe optane and nmve SSD); high performance with flexible growth (SAN and Iscsi FC); performance with flexible growth (NAS); high capacity with standard performance (NAS / SAN v2); and very high capacity and low performance (SAN / NAS v3 and object storage).

With 24 x 7 support in Spanish, Arsys CloudStorage is a cloud storage solution that is characterized by its high availability and granular billing depending on the type of storage and volume that a company contracts. Fully scalable and with complete data protection, customers only pay for what they use (volume and transfer). In this way, and to best meet the number of needs and budgets, the provider has several tiers of storage: from the highest performance to the most scalable and economical.

Furthermore, as a solution for data access, sharing and distribution, CloudStorage goes beyond the use of files by enabling file storage, block storage, object storage and more. It also guarantees accessibility and availability from wherever the user needs it: either via the web, standard protocols or APIs. Finally, Arsys helps companies implement their information management strategy in the most cost-effective way.