5 Best Accounting Software For SMEs in 2023

All companies, whether small or medium-sized, need to have a good accounting control of all their financial movements. From income, expenses, accounts payable, obligations, taxes, among a wide variety of other topics that must be recorded.

While it is true that many are guided by the traditional method, that is, using Excel or similar, accounting programs for SMEs promise to do that job in an automated way and with more advanced features.

The 5 Best Free Accounting Softwares For Small and Medium Businesses

There are many companies that decide to make use of this type of platforms, mainly when it comes to keep a good internal organization and avoid money or capital leakage where we least imagine.

It is even essential to control the day to day of your sales, purchases, payments and other transactions, so we want you to know what are the most useful programs to manage the accounting of your SMEs.

1. VisionWin

Among the most complete and versatile we have VisionWin, which has been on the market for quite some time being the favorite of many users. We are talking about a complete business management software, which, among its various functions, allows you to generate receipts and payments automatically.

To do this you have several templates and you can set these movements to be made on the date and time indicated by you. In addition, it is compatible with different documents, images and PDF files.

The design of the VisionWin interface is appreciated, firstly for being easy to understand, and secondly for being designed in a harmonious way. It is possible to create invoices or documentations to charge your customers digitally.

From all your movements, the program is responsible for making various analysis and summary to provide you with detailed reports. It shows, graphically and with calculated data, if you have evolved or decreased in your own business.

2. SeniorConta

Although SeniorConta is an accounting program for SMEs that you must pay for, it also includes a free version with a few less functions, but that works just as well as its Premium sister.

And is that, here you will have at your disposal a range of analytical tools that you will like. For example, you can generate various reports such as statements of the general ledger or trial balances, which are widely used in all companies and businesses.

Likewise, SeniorConta is able to study the different financial structures, movements and more, to detect possible irregularities and tell you if there has been capital flight or if your actions are affecting the finances of the business.

What we like most is that, depending on all the business departments you incorporate into the system and their budgets, you will be able to see the expenses over time, with a detailed summary to keep you in the loop.

3. ContaSol

We could say that ContaSol is one of the free accounting programs for SMEs, because you don't have to pay to use any of its functions. It works locally, that is, by installing the application on your computer's storage, but also through the cloud.

This allows access by multiple users at the same time, being able to grant particular login permissions to certain employees. In addition, it also works as a system for recording sales movements.

In this sense, ContaSol supports the creation of an inventory with all the products or services you are selling, so you can deduct them from the list every time you make a sale, with their respective prices.

From there you will be able to create an invoice, with the option of incorporating your business data and the price table. Like other alternatives, it is useful to have daily summaries of your progress, if you have had expenses, the bills you have to pay, among other important things.

4. Sico

Sico provides us with solutions adapted to the type of business, including mechanical workshops, hotel chains, restaurants, commercial stores, medical offices, schools, among other options.

This allows the registration of movements to be adapted to the services or products that these places usually handle, as well as other elements of a legal nature. It also works as a point of sale, being a versatile solution compared to other platforms.

In essence, Sico is one of the free accounting software for SMEs, which have a free version for 30 days, but after that period, you must purchase the full program with all features unlocked.

Depending on your inventory, price list and other data, you can make invoices to deliver to your customers. All this information is used by the platform to create accounting entries, develop different summaries and study your movements.

5. Contamoney

And if you work with an agenda of international clients or handling different types of currencies, Contamoney should be your choice. With it we can make financial records of our movements, separating them by various currencies and making the respective conversions.

The program works entirely from the cloud and supports several interconnected computers. It is not free, but the advantage is that you can choose which functions you need and pay accordingly.

Of course, we have a small free paid version, which in addition to limiting you with the features, will only let you generate about 5 invoices annually, as well as keep a record of suppliers that does not exceed 50 customers.

To finish expanding the access platforms, the same company offers you an application for iOS and another for Android, so that you can make records there or access the entire catalog of changes in real time.


Keep a financial record of your business, receive detailed reports and graphs, do capital leakage analysis and more with accounting software for SMEs. Small and medium-sized businesses are often growing, but to get started, an application like the ones on the list won't hurt.

Of course, the choice will depend on how active your business is, as well as the functions you really require, although any that offer you an audit will be essential.

Another interesting advantage is that, even if you have an accounting professional managing your business, it will always be indispensable that you yourself know the movements of the company, where money is coming from and what you are spending, instead of investing.

In practice, they are quite simple to understand and thanks to automated functions, such as intuitive reports, you can receive detailed data and information about the growth or decline of your business.