Prayer to your Divine Presence

Divine Presence,

i open my mind and heart to receive your empowered Light in ways i never imagined possible. i am feeling your Divine Love flood my being with radiance. i now sense your Violet Light transmuting all disharmony in my energy field. i AM allowing your loving guidance to inspire me while i follow new pathways and fulfill my soul’s purpose.

As i bring your Love through me, i ground Divine Light into the Earth and bless this beautiful planet with Gratitude and Love. i allow your Love to gracefully and easily change my mind and my life with new abundant resources and creative solutions for all that i face at this time.

i know you are with me always and i am never alone. i allow myself to receive a beautiful Cocoon of Golden Light that wraps me in safety and protection. i know that this energy is with me wherever i am.

I AM radiant with vitality from your loving presence. I AM abundantly prospered by the Light of your Guidance. All my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I AM cared for eternally.

Thank you God.

And so it is.