August 8, 2013 Nagging thought i have to tell you about something that happened yesterday!

August 8, 2013

Okay….blog fixed!!

Thoughts for today……….

“If happiness is supported by personal stability, it will eventually wear down the stiffest barrier and win over the hardest heart. True joy is a beacon in the world, and though it is indeed rare, its presence is an indication of great good fortune, both now and in the future. i am a beacon of light with pure love and joy in my heart, feel me?”

***Nagging thought about something that happened yesterday that i feel directed to tell you about. Takes place at my place of employment, a lady (we’ll call her Joyce) notices my tattoo on my calf and asks me what it is……… tattoo: a girl with long curly hair kneeling on a Cliffside looking intently upon the full moon with a large “bird” flying towards her. (i tell people it’s a “bird” to see what comes to them when they look upon it). 

Joyce continues to tell me that her daughter (we’ll call her Lana) just got a tattoo and mine reminded her of Lana’s. So of course i ask….Lana’s tattoo is across the tops of her knees as to be able to be read as she would kneel…(Those who kneel before God have the courage to make it thru anything) i had to ask Joyce what that meant…….she told me that Lana had been recently raped. 

My soul was instantly connected to this young woman who was walking to her car at 8:30 at night…not dark….at Wright State University….attacked by two men…beaten and raped. No they have not arrested them but have suspicion as to who they are and those two have been questioned. After instantly connecting with Lana’s soul i “felt” everything she has felt and is feeling. Joyce and I spoke for a while and i gave her some suggestions to help Lana.

Personally it wasn’t until Joyce told me of her daughter laying in her Daddy’s lap pleading to him that she tried everything to get them off and it wasn’t her fault……..i was taken back to that night when i had been raped……emotions fled thru me so quickly…however this time i was very ok with the situation and being able to help this young woman was top priority. Joyce asked me if i provided counseling for girls like Lana………..i said no not at this time but was more than willing to give Lana special private time if she would like. i Sent Joyce home with information on the Oneness Blessing for Lana and the family with intentions that they will join me next month.

Having Joyce ask me if i counseled other women brought forward a past vision i once had of conducting seminars/spiritual weekends for the empowerment of women. To include the many different sacred ceremonies/processes for releasing; yoga; meditation; and self-defense classes: this vision also included specialized processes for troubled and suicidal teens. i will tell you from personal experience…….the “hard stuff” that we are put through does happen for a reason. i know it is hard to accept that when the wounds are fresh….but when the dust settles….you look within….and know there must be good to come of it……today was some of that good stuff.
From my heart to yours,