Being In The World But Not Of It

This message from Jesus is full of so much love that I had to share it here.
Love to you all,

A message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Tuesday, 18 December, 2012 
I am with you again and I rejoice in being with you. Feel my joy. Just to share this moment with you lifts my heart because you are one with me, so close to my heart. Feel the joy rushing over you and through you. Joy is the essence of creation. Everything, every act of creation begins with joy. Your very journey to Earth once began with a sense of joy. Remember that feeling.

You once held a vision in your heart of a beautiful and balanced Earth. This vision is still alive and now it is coming closer every day. I know that when you look around this world, you see a lot of chaos and negativity, but things are stirring and changing and you do not have to be part of the chaos and negativity in the world. In your heart, you can return to the garden of Eden, to paradise. You can keep that vision alive in your heart and cherish it every day. You can be in paradise while now living on Earth. And that is actually how you bring in the energy of paradise on Earth.

So you see that your mission is to be a part of this world and at the same time, to not be a part of it. And how do you do this? You accomplish this by the energy of love. If you struggle with the world and the energies in it, you are drawn into the negativity and the chaos. But if you accept these energies as being part of a stage of evolution, the energy in your heart becomes more gentle, more mild.

Sometimes, to hold that vision in your heart, means you have to withdraw from the world, at least to some extent. You all present here are sensitive beings, responding to the energy around you, so often you need to be on your own and to spend time in nature to refresh yourself. When you dwell too long in the energies of the world, your mind may become engrossed in the negative thought-forms in it, and then it is time to retreat into yourself, into your essence; to be in the silence within yourself. Now let us take a few moments of silence to feel the eternal source of which you are a part.

Allow yourself to be filled with this energy and allow it to heal you. Taste the energy of Home and be aware that you are loved and cherished endlessly. You are a child of the universe and, as such, you are allowed to express yourself and to explore life in all possible ways. Feel the energy of joy behind this. You are meant to explore life from a sense of joy and curiosity; it is your birthright.

In the past, you were taught that you have to work hard to earn recognition, that you are essentially sinful as a human being, that you need to be disciplined, and that you have to suffer in order to improve yourself. Feel for a moment the heavy and dense energy in these ideas. For a moment, imagine that this energy appears to you in the form of a shape or a color; maybe you see a heavy brown or grey energy.

Now imagine you are completely free of this energy and when you are free, you spontaneously feel compassion in your heart. You feel sorry for this energy, because it does not belong to the natural way of creation. So you stretch out your hand and touch that brown and ugly energy, and your hand touches it with love. This energy represents your suffering and the suffering of humanity, and you are its healers. Allow healing energy to flow from you toward this energy. Feel how it yearns for your touch. Deep down, it is like a lost child wanting to come Home. See yourself radiating with love, compassion, and understanding.

You have nothing to prove, because you are perfect as you are, a child of the universe. And this sense of yourself determines your true relationship to the world: you are its healer. When you realize this fact, it becomes easier for you to be among negative or dense energy and you will not feel overpowered by it. And even if you need time by yourself to refresh and keep up your vibration, you also are ready to be in the world, and you know why? Because you are creatures of love. It pains you to see the suffering of the world and you want to heal humanity. Truly, you are angels at heart and that is why you are here on Earth. It is not out of obligation or a forced mission, it purely is out of love that you are here. So, when I ask you to shine your soul's Light into this reality, I am not asking you to struggle or to fight with the world. I am asking you to recognize your true nature and to bring down the energy of paradise, the energy of love, into this world.

You are dearly loved by all of us on the other side; we respect and honor you. You are our equals. We do not come here out of pity, we are here because we are honored to share time with you and to embrace you like brothers and sisters. Thank you very much for being here.