Soul Mates

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I came across this wonderful article by Hillis Pugh ~ The message he sends regarding Soul Mates has come to me at a time when I have questioned exactly what a soul mate is and who and why they are even a soul mate. His explanation and expansion upon the "Soul Mate" concept is brilliant. I wanted to share.....

Peace Love and light,  Kimberly

When we think of Soul Mates, we usually think of the one person/soul that is meant for us to spend the rest of our life with. We search endlessly for this one soul, and when we find a soul matching our vibration, we feel and know they are "the one". The challenge most of us have is when we find "the one", we (self) create an image or level of expectation, while we pour all we have into the cultivating the relationship forming a new bond. To further complicate our own life is when the relationship comes to an end and we play the victim role. What we fail to see immediately is the person who recently exited our life taught a valuable life lesson. The life lesson is not observed until we release the heightened emotions of the human experience. Remember we are Souls first, Humans second. Understand we chose to come here during this time for our Soul to evolve to be our Best Self, our Higher Self. The question now becomes how do we see our Soul Mate for who they really are to grow together?

To find our Soul Mate, we first must understand and know we have a Soul Group. This group of souls made an agreement with one another, to play a part in each other's life. The role played by each soul is to help one another grow and evolve. Immediately when a Soul Group is thought of, the role of family comes to mind. Our human family is the most challenging role played. Members of our Soul Group took on the role of the human family, because they are able teach us lessons other souls are unable too yet. As we go through our human development and soul awaking, the family is there to guide us every step of the way. Yet there are moments or extended periods where the soul(s) playing the family role get caught up in the "role" and forget their Soul is guiding us, not a “role”. There comes a time when each soul has to release the role chosen and allow the guided soul to grow. When the soul group member forgets their purpose and continues in the role played, this  can result in the soul retaining unexpressed emotions, guilt, resentment, or other like emotions. When this is recognized by other members of the soul group, we are filled with a longing, a desire to help this soul remember who they truly are. We have to pour loving energy over them and accept them as they are, so they know they are loved.

However, our human family is not the extent of our Soul Group. Our dearest friends are a part of the group. They play different roles at different times. They are often advisers and not like guides or teachers like our family. This is one reason why or family is dear to us, because they are teachers, guides and sometimes guardians of our life. The role of adviser is a key role in our life. When we fail to listen to our intuition or second guess self, we seek outside council. Our friends are a trusted panel of knowledge. The knowledge they learned about us over the years is a reflection of who were are or evolved from. With the knowledge gained about us, our friends can assist us in making informed decisions. We also have to remember, not everyone who enters our life will always be there and not everyone a part of our life is a part of our Soul Group.

As stated earlier, we have to remember we are Souls first. This means we are loving and kind Beings of Light. Those who enter our lives are meant to come in for a reason and for however long. We allow other Souls to enter and exit our life once the agreement is filled, yet there will be souls who are not fully awake or aware as the others and may soulfully forget about the agreement made. This can cause a level of hurt to the soul express in a human way. We have to learn to release this disappointment on a soul level. As souls, we will have to have clarity about self and the roles others play in our life. Everyone entering our life is for a reason. The reason is only for self to know.

Our search for our Soul Mate is a tireless one, when expressed in human value. As humans we date, spend time with various people matching our vibration at that time in our life, meaning once our vibration changes so do the people, with exceptions. The exceptions would be family and closest friends, those souls that have been with you for many lifetimes. We have more than one Soul Mate, but there is a Primary Soul Mate. The Primary Soul Mate plays a pivotal role in your life and you meet one another when the timing is divinely orchestrated. The Primary Soul Mate is a soul that has been with you in every life and may not always be your Spouse in each life. Your Primary Soul Mate can be your mother, father, brother, sister, close relative, friend or spouse. We have to love the other members of our Soul Group just as we love our Soul Mates, and Primary Soul Mate.

Each Soul Mate teaches us a lesson to grow and be our Best Self, our Higher Self. Without our Soul Mates we would be lost on Earth. They make it easier for us to navigate through life. They help us in many ways when we are open to receiving the lesson for self to grow and then in turn share our truth with the rest of the world. We are all connected and our Soul Mates help to keep us grounded while evolving.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons taught to us by our Soul Mates.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the miracles come to us from being open to love from our Soul Groups.
Be thankful this day and everyday to honor the love and truth coming from our Soul Mates and Groups allowing us to be who we truly are.

Impressionable Soul

Knowing my energy attracts and repels what's desired
All matter and non-matter
All life and once was living

Expanding energy leaves traces of where I've been
An impression and imprint of other souls I know
Where do you find me

Do you recognize an ever morphing entity
The core never changes
The surface is a cover to mask the signal
A desire for solitude

Peace is of the soul
In stillness all is seen
All is heard
Transmitting thoughts energy emotions desires

What is this sensation felt
I'm open
I travel great distances as light
I am light
Being a witness from a call answered
I am present

Connected from the day of birth
The first birth a choice made and continued for lifetimes
I know you
You and you and we know me

A glimpse
A thought
A premonition imprinted upon me
Guide me to a place only the soul knows why
Once fulfilled joy takes over then released

Leaving a mark
Leaving a note
A symbol
A sign
We were here and we all do matters
 Author, Hillis Pugh

Written by Hillis Pugh aka PHantasm.