Akashic Records on: Religion and the Bible

Was the Bible channeled originally? How much has it been changed since?

We are going to answer this question for both the Old Testament and the New Testament because, while they are very different documents with very different histories, parts of both were channeled. And many more parts were added for political or social reasons. In addition, some parts have been translated in a way that retains the magic of the channeling, and in other parts, some of the magic of the channeling has been lost in translation over the years. The Bible in its entirety is a conglomerate that includes some channeled material and includes some political, non-channeled material.

How do stories in the Bible serve humankind?

There are many ways that the stories in the Bible serve mankind. We will not outline them all here, but discuss some that can be given an Akashic context. The first is that some of the channeled material provides a spiritual tool that is universal -- it applies to everyone. Much of the channeled material in the Bible is similar to material found in other scriptures from various religious traditions. In fact, one way you can know something is channeled is when it directly correlates with scriptures from other religions. (In addition, channeled material is always based in Love and compassion.)

It is no coincidence that some of the things in the New Testament can also be found in the Qur'an. The same ideas can also be found in the Indian Vedas, and in the writing of philosophers. Great thinkers and spiritual leaders throughout the world have come back to the same ideas because they are fundamentally true and fundamentally useful for human beings. For instance, the idea of loving one another being the ultimate law is fundamental the human code. All of you know somewhere inside yourselves that it is true. You find spiritual reminders of this universal truth when it is written in different social contexts. Those parts of the Bible are incredibly useful. Some of those include much of the Book of Psalms. When you identify those passages that truly speak to a higher love that you feel in your heart, then you can assume that those are channeled.

The second way that the Bible, serves humankind is that it is an historical document that provides a valuable glimpse into how western culture emerged through the Jewish civilization described in the Old Testament, and the evolution of culture as different communities clashed in the New Testament. More than half of the content in the Bible is based in recording, enacting, and enforcing social rules and hierarchies. These passages are based in power games that occurred historically and that are still played out today. This document brought with it an entirely new paradigm -- a revolution in thought that eventually would evolve into western culture, a force that is now sweeping the world. Understanding where that came from and how it was laid out initially, can help you go back to find what is valuable in your culture and recognize what is no longer serving you.

A useful exercise with the Bible is to find the passages that are based in love and to find the passages that are based in something other than love -- in judgment, or criticism or in the recounting of lineages. If you contrast and compare those passages, you will find two very different voices. If you hold Love, as a guideline for what is useful in the Bible, you will find that it is easy to distinguish the spiritual guidance from the games of power. Be sure that the Love you use as a lens encompasses all humankind, not just people who are similar to you. When you find that level of Love, you will easily let go of the passages and pages that uphold a power game that is no longer serving you.

Finally, the third way that the Bible serves humankind is that by dissecting it -- by taking it apart and looking at its different pieces and components -- it is providing you with rich material for deciding who you want to be as a human family moving forward. The arguments you see people having over the Bible – arguments over its legitimacy and interpretation -- those arguments are meant to be happening right now on Planet Earth because they are helping you grow. The arguments are not ultimately about the Bible. The arguments are about power – who has had it in history, and who should have it in the future. (Hint: only a few can have it in your current system – everyone will need to have it in equal measure in the future!)

The arguments over the Bible are actually about who you are as a human family, and who you wish to become as you evolve forward. They are providing a very fruitful dialogue that is sometimes not productive and sometimes hurtful but, it is always useful because you are deciding what to keep and what to let go of as you move into a new age for humankind.

Does it matter if a story in the Bible is really historical if it is just a metaphor? How can we use the stories in the Bible in our lives?

The answer is, it matters to historians whether they are historical or not – it does not matter for people who are seeking spiritual guidance in the Bible. Spiritual meaning exists in the present moment. The only place it can reside is where you exist, which is in this moment in time. What matters is the meaning that resonated from that moment back then and how that meaning exists in your life now.  When it comes to finding spiritual guidance, what matters is how it informs you and helps you live a more loving present moment in your life.

With the Bible and with most documents, it is useful for you to read it as myth, because if you get too attached to what is real or not, you lose track of the purpose of reading. The purpose of reading is to find meaning that guides you now. Do not become paralyzed waiting for prophecies that may or may not come to be. For most of you, what matters is your interpretation of the text. What matters is what part of the story stirs something in you, and where you sense your Love can grow through the meaning of the story.

The meaning in scripture is in the power of collective mythology. Human beings need stories that help you make sense of your own lives and help you find your place in the human family. One day, one story might not be very interesting to you at all. Another day it might interest you greatly based on what you need to learn, what you need to hear. Notice what character in the story you identify with and consider what you can adjust or improve in your life based on that character. It is so important with the Bible, as with all other texts, that you first look for the Love in the story. Look for where you Love is being stirred and follow that. If you do not apply what you read to how you live in the present moment, the text has no meaning.

It is so important that you trust your own thinking. If something does not ring true to you, if something does not really seem right, you do not need to decide if it is right or not according to anyone else. Decide for yourself. Ask yourself, “When I read this, do I believe it?” If the answer is yes, go ahead and use it. If the answer is no, then let go of that story and find one that resonates for you.

You will not get in trouble if you reject a story; no one is watching to see whether you believe it or not. You are not being tested by the Bible or any other scripture or text. These are tools for you to use to develop your own sense of authority and your own sense of where the Love and the Light are in your life. As long as you are using them as a tool to make your life better, you are right on track. If you are using scriptural stories as a tool to judge yourself or feel bad about yourself, then they can be destructive. Any text can be destructive. It is important that you look for the mythology, look for the common stories and find the Love and the growth in those. From that place of inner authority and Love, the Bible holds a great deal of wisdom in some parts of it and can be an incredibly useful tool for your enlightenment. (March 2011)

The Monthly Message Preview was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, M.A. 

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