Becoming ONE with Nature

Jan. 5, 2011
Went to the woods for our first journey in nature and once we started drumming the most beautiful sound came from the west, a hawk. Screeching very loudly he flew in, then another from the east; they danced to the drum beat as though it were a familiar sound to them. Flying by each other like a well rehearsed waltz….I felt as though I was dancing with them.

 It was truly one of the most amazing events of my life. It was like we were one, then the trees chimed in swaying in circular motion as if they too were joining in.….  Our friends perched themselves up in the trees and watched from a distance as we played the flute and our rattles. Our intention was simply to be one with nature and to exchange our energies. As I closed my eyes I could hear the fallen leaves from the previous autumn making music as we sat in silence, birds of different species chirped and sang; squirrels jumping from tree to tree. It was like the woods came alive in a way that I have never witnessed before. I could feel the nature spirits come alive.

Once we had been frozen half to death with no feeling left in my toes and fingers we decided to call it an afternoon. My husband began to give thanks and to show gratitude by drumming before we left. As we were saying our goodbyes the Hawk from East came back and circled our area high and low, recognizing that we were leaving and saying her goodbyes. She flew over head in circular motion counterclockwise and then disappeared into the fence row of trees to the east. While she was circling above my husband tried to catch a glimpse of her in his camera…..he could not find the hawk through the camera, which should have been a fairly easy task since she was directly above us and not too far away.  Pictures were taken, but no sign of any hawk appeared.

As we drove from the woods, we noticed three deer leaving the same time we were. We came to the conclusion that they too were drawn to the drum beats and came to be with us for the afternoon. I have to say our day was quiet magical.

Until next time…..
I leave you in Light and Love sending you blessings of plenty.
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