Autumnal Equinox September 23, 2010

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Re: Autumnal  Equinox September 23, 2010

Full Moon @ 1° Aries/Libra
The Full Moon in Aries arrives within just a few short hours of the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd @ 5:17 am EDT and 9:17 am UT. Even though the chart of the Full Moon is very close to the chart of the Equinox in aspect, it is not indicative of the long term tones set by the Equinox chart, but brings about the culmination of what most recently was put into motion upon the last New Moon in Virgo.
The Moon and Sun located upon the critical 1° of Aries and Libra respectively are on highly sensitive points that have generated much energy these past months. While these degrees are connected to new beginnings and the Sun is focusing it's Light upon the Moon we might interpret this as being indicative of sudden breaks from past conditions that began to be loosened over the period since the Spring Equinox by the non-stop pressure exerted upon these degree's by the outer planet heavies. The Sun in Libra is representative of the progress we have made in the past months in bringing ourselves into new forms of Being. Our successes of the past months now focus upon the Moon degree and light up our next moves necessary to be in the spaces and places that foster our near future well-being when first Jupiter, and then Uranus, cross the 1st degree of Aries early next year. As the Full Moon is a culmination, we may suddenly find ourselves dropping anything and everything that is not congruent with the new possibilities we were glimpsing and reaching for this past summer as Jupiter and Uranus occupied the same Moon degree.
Pluto in applying squares to both the Moon and Sun pushes us to complete whatever is necessary in a timely manner to move further ahead on our transformative paths while Saturn conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon encourages anchoring that which began at the Spring Equinox firmly into the now moment and taking responsibility for the continued growth and application of what has come forth.

"These 2 events are dynamic and show we are entering a period of internal changes become external(with these external changes increasing more so when Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune turn direct later this autumn) and with more endings being likely even while we continue to further develop and strengthen our new initiatives. Much has already been processed and set into motion and I personally believe that what comes forth now has already been in the works for a while. We are best served by having trust in ourselves and our previous choices for self-doubts will only hinder one's appreciation of this period and will not be likely to serve any good purpose. As always be as kind as possible to yourself and others but enforce those boundaries when necessary and choose whom and what you align with wisely." ~ Blessings and Love~ Kachina Houska

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Autumn Equinox