Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Do Your Share

♫ Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share ♪…..catchy little tune I use to sing to my children when it was time to clean their rooms. It is time to clean up our lives. Clear out that clutter. It is impossible to relax with all this clutter around so let’s do it together.

Spring Clean & Clear Now

- Clean out your desk, both at home and in the office.
- Throw away all the useless stuff in the kitchen drawer.
- Donate to a charity, school or library all of the books you've hung onto and will never read again.
- Empty your purse and bathroom vanity of your half-used toiletries
and give away all those ugly ties that you received as gifts but you've never liked or worn.
- Throw away your old underwear and socks.
- Clean out your purse.
- Organize your wallet.
- Toss the pile of magazines by the bed or next to the sofa.
- Recycle everything you can around your house.
- Weed out your closet and send it all to Salvation Army or Goodwill
- Grab a trash bag and a vacuum, and spring clean your car - even if it's January
- Clear out the garage.
- Throw away the green thing in the corner of your refrigerator.
- Chase out the gremlins in the basement.
- Empty all your wastebaskets.
- Return all your wire hangers to the dry cleaner.
- Get rid of all the ugly sheets and towels you've had since college.
- Clean out your cleaning supplies - pitch out the half-used and clumped up Comet, the dried up and filthy sponges, the gray pieces of soap.
- While you are at it throw away your bad attitude and all the tired old stories of misery and failure as well.

Slowing It Down

- Listen to your favorite classical music. Do only one thing at a time!
- Take your favorite book and soak in the tub.
- Drive slower.
- Remove your watch for a day-or a week
- Get out your favorite hobby and indulge for an entire evening.
- Turn off the TV and relax in your favorite chair.
- Turn off your cell phone and go for a leisurely walk through the neighborhood.
- Sleep in and don't feel guilty about it.
- The next time someone asks you for a favor or to do something for them, tell them you'll get back to them about it. Then really decide whether you want to use your time that way or not.
- Do only half of this.


"Divine Spirit, direct me to make the right decisions. Move my lips to speak the right words. Move my feet in the right direction. And, move my mind toward integrity."